UPDATE: 2020 Charge Conference schedule has been updated

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    Charge Conference Schedule 2020   Paper work   
Date Time Church/Charge Location Due Date Pastor
    Highland Parish      
Sep 1st 5:30 PM Beverly and Valley Bend Beverly UMC Aug 24th David Thompson
Sept 1st 7:00 PM Mill Creek, Jerusalem, Valley Chapel Mill Creek Aug 24th Pam Ritchie
Sept 1st 7:00 PM Tyrand Cooperative Parish Mill Creek Aug 24th Belinda Toms
Sept 3rd 5:30 PM North Elkins(Highland Park, Mercy Chapel,Orlena) Orlena Aug 25th Paul Thompson
Sep 3rd 7:00 PM Israel-Coffman Chapel Israel Aug 25th TBS/Brian Seders
Sep 8th 5:30 PM Rowan Memorial-Cassity Rowan Memorial Aug 27th Stella Faye Moyer
Sep 8th 7:00 PM Otterbien Elkins/Phillips Chapel Otterbein Aug 27th Julie Davis
Sept 10th 5:30 PM Mingo(Oak Grove,Mace, Valley Head) Valley Head Sept 1st Roger Neely
Sept 13th 2:30 PM Woodford Memorial Woodford Sept 2nd Jeremiah Jasper
Sept 13th 4:00 PM First Elkins First Elkins Sept 2nd Brian Seders
Sept 13th 5:30 PM East Elkins-Wayside and Kynette Wayside Sept 2nd Kara Proffit
    Braxton Parish      
Sept 15th 5:30 PM Braxton(Lloydsville, Richmond Chapel, Fairview), Cutlipsville Lloydsville Sept 3rd Bill Carr/Rita Cochran
Sept 15th 7:00 PM Burnsville,Copen,Right Hand Fork, Stouts Chapel, Pleasant Hill Burnsville Sept 3rd Ron Brown
Sept 17th 5:30 PM Christ (Sutton), Flatwoods Christ(Sutton) Sept 8th Doug Smailes
Sept 17th 7:00 PM Gassaway-Morrison Gassaway Sept 8th Jim Malick
Sept 20th 2:00 PM Heaters,Berry Chapel, Corley, Mt Harmony, Stone Run, Tichenal Heaters Sept 10th Amy Morrow
Sept 20th 4:00 PM North Sutton(Mt Hebron, Mt Nebo) Mt Hebron Sept 10th John McQain
Sept 20th 5:30 PM South Sutton(Centralia, Spruce Lick) Centralia Sept 10th Cheryl Goodnight
    Gilmer Parish      
Sept 24th 2:30 PM Glenville(Blackburn, Otterbein) Blackburn Sept 15th Harold Francis
Sept 24th 4:00 PM Trinity-Glenville Trinity Sept 15th Karen Kinney
Sept 24th 5:30 PM Troy, Upper Ellis, Cox’s Mill, Mt Earnest, Doyle Chapel Troy Sept 18th Jack Jenkins
    Salem Parish      
Sept 27th 2:00 PM Jarvisville(Pleasant Valley, Mt Olive, Meadow Valley, Lyda Chapel, Big Isaac) Pleasant Valley Sept 17th Elizabeth Jarrett
Sept 27th 4:00 PM Briston-Coplin Briston Sept 17th Sam Cale III
Sept 27th 5:30 PM Salem-Christ(Clarksburg), Salem, Hurst Chapel Salem Sept 17th Kevin Bender
    Lewis Parish      
Sept 29th 6:00 PM Freemansburg, Camden, Churchville, Miles Chapel Freemansburg Sept 18th Kenny Kendall
Oct 1st 5:00 PM Weston Walkersville (Crawford, Fall Run, Ireland, Bealls Mills, Bendale, McCanns Run) Bendale Sept 23rd Dwayne Brown
Oct 1st 7:00 PM Waldeck, Gee Lick, Mt Morris, Valley Chapel Waldeck Sept 23rd Peter Dietze
Oct 6th 5:00 PM Lewis(Berlin, Harmony) Berlin Sept 25th AJ King
Oct 6th 7:00 PM Jane Lew(First Jane Lew, Mt Hebron, McWhorter) First Jane Lew Sept 25th Jackie Chambers
Oct 8th 5:00 PM Orlando, Oil Creek Orlando Sept 29th Martin Wine/Mina Luzader
Oct 8th 7:00 PM Vandalia Vandalia Sept 29th AJ King
Oct 11th 2:00 PM Broad Street Broad St Oct 1st Brian Plum
Oct 11th 4:00 PM St Mathews St Mathews Oct 1st Jim Martin
Oct 11th 6:00 PM Stone Coal, Horner Horner Oct 1st Bob King
    Upshur Parish      
Oct 3rd 10:00 AM Newlon(Mt Zion), Pine Grove Mt Zion Sept 24th Jim Morgan
Oct 3rd 12:30 PM Wilsontown(Alton, Heaston, Indian Camp, Salem, Wilson Chapel Wilson Chapel Sept 24th Mark McCutcheon
Oct 3rd 2:00 PM Hacker Valley, Jerry’s Run,Mt Zion Jerry Run Sept 24th David Bowen
Oct 4th 2:00 PM French Creek,Laurel Fork French Creek Sept 25th Treasea Crites
Oct 4th 4:00 PM Frenchton, Center Chapel, Rock Cave, Straight Fork, Waterloo Frenchton Sept 25th Sabrina Tenney
Oct 4th 6:00 PM Tallmansville Blended(Mt Carmel, Mt Olive, Queens, Reed Chapel, Ten Mile)   Sept 25th  
Mt Olive Mt Carmel Sept 25th Mitch Griffin
Queens Mt Carmel Sept 25th Josie Tenney
Reed Chapel Mt Carmel Sept 25th Darrel Gooden
Ten Mile Mt Carmel Sept 25th Darrel Gooden
Mt. Carmel Mt Carmel Sept 25th Karen Frazier
    South Harrison Parish      
Oct 25th 2:00 PM Lost Creek,Johnstown, Rockford Lost Creek Oct 16th Shari Stilgenbauer
Oct 25th 4:00 PM West Milford,Sycamore West Milford Oct 16th Bonnie Starkey
Oct 25th 6:00 PM Good Hope(New Bethel, Pleasant Hill) New Bethel Oct 16th Destry Daniels
Oct 13th 5:00 PM Quiet Dell. Monroe Chapel Quiet Dell Oct 2nd Nathan Weaver
Oct 13th 7:00 PM Bridgeport Bridgeport Oct 2nd Ken Ramsey
Oct 15th 5:00 PM East View East View Oct 6th Etheldean Yanero
Oct 15th 7:00 PM Vincent Memorial-Broad Oaks Vincent Memorial Oct 6th Karen Tate
Oct 18th 2:00 PM First Clarksburg First Clarksburg Oct 8th Michael Atkinson
Oct 18th 4:00 PM Duff Street Duff Oct 9th Mark Smith
Oct 18th 6:00 PM Stealey-Temple Stealey Oct 9th Michael Burge
Oct 22nd 5:00 PM Liberty Clarksburg Liberty Oct 14th Kelvin Hudkins
Oct 22nd 7:00 PM Calvary(Clarksburg) Mt Clare Calvary Oct 14th Jim Murphy
Oct 27th 5:00 PM North View North View Oct 19th Jim Burrough
Oct 27th 7:00 PM South Chestnut  S. Chestnut Oct 19th Ed Balis
Oct 29th 5:00 PM North Harrison(Smith Chapel, Trinity, Enterprise) Smith Chapel Oct 22nd Gary Reed
    Upshur Parish       
Nov 1st 2:00 PM Volga(Bethel, Boulder, Queens Chapel) Queens Chapel Oct 20th Elsie Smith
Nov 1st 4:00 PM Hodgesville(Pleasant Valley,Macedonia, Reger) Pleasant Valley Oct 20th Rod Heckert
Nov 1st 6:00 PM Ellamore(Nay Chapel, Mt. Union, Fairview) Nay Chapel Oct 22nd Ralph Miller
Nov 3rd 5:00 PM North Buckhannon(Kesling, Mt Hermon, Mt Rupert) Kesling Oct 22nd Jack Bohman
Nov 3rd 7:00 PM South Buckhannon(Reger Chapel, Hampton, Rocky Ford, Mt. Olive) Reger Oct 22nd Mike Hinkle
Nov 5th 5:00 PM West Buckhannon,Mt Lebanon W. Buckhannon Oct 23rd Jim Minutelli
Nov 8th 2:00 PM Tennerton-Mt Hope Tennerton Oct 29th Bob Anderson
Nov 8th 4:00 PM Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Oct 29th Paul Rebelo
Nov 8th 6:00 PM First Buckhannon First Buckhannon Oct 29th Steve Meadows
Nov 12th 5:00 PM Heaston (Hodgeville) Heaston Nov 1st Gary Evans
Dec 1st 5:00 PM Upshur Parish House First Buckhannon   Kristin Wilkerson

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