Wesleyan District announces 2019 Charge Conference schedule

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    Charge Conference Schedule 2019  
    Braxton Parish  
29-Sep-19 3:00 p.m. Gassaway UMC Charge Conf. papers due in
    Charges to participate Dist. Office Sept 26
      Braxton & Cutlipsville,  
      Burnsville, Christ (Sutton), Gassaway,  
      Heaters, North Sutton, South Sutton  
    Lewis Parish  
Sept 29-2019 6:00 p.m. Broad Street UMC Charge Conf. papers due in
    Charges to participate Dist. Office Sept 26
       Broad Street, Jane Lew, Lewis, Orlando,  
       Stone Coal, Waldeck  
    Separate Charge Conference  
2-Nov-19 10:00 a.m. Vandalia UMC at Vandalia Papers due Oct 28
    1:00 p.m.    Weston-Walkersville at Bendale Papers due Oct 28
    3:00 p.m.    Freemansburg at Miles Chapel Papers due Oct 28
    6:00 p.m.    St. Matthew at St. Matthew Papers due Oct 28
    Gilmer Parish  
    All charges in the Gilmer Parish will be done separately
Nov 3-19  2:30 p.m. Troy at Troy UMC Papers due Oct 28
   4:30 p.m. Trinity (Glenville) at Trinity UMC Papers due Oct 28
   6:00 p.m. Glenville Chg at Otterbein UMC Papers due Oct 28
    Salem Parish  
20-Oct-19 1:00 p.m. Salem Parish at Salem UMC Papers due Oct 14
      Bristol-Coplin; Salem Charge Papers due Oct 14
    Separate Charge Conference  
2-Oct-19 6:00 p.m. Jarvisville Charge at Big Issac Papers due Sept 25
    Clarksburg Parish and South Harrison Parish
20-Oct-19 3:00 p.m. Bridgeport UMC Papers due Oct 14
      Bridgeport; Duff Street; East View; All Charges; papers due Oct 14
      First (Clarksburg); Liberty (Clarksburg)  
      North View; Quiet Dell; South Chestnut St;  
      Vincent Memorial-Broad Oaks  
      Calvary (Clarksburg)-Mt. Clare  
      Good Hope, West Milford  
    Separate Charge Conference  
20-Oct-19 5:00 p.m. Smith Chapel-Trinity (Clarksburg) at Smith Papers due Oct 14
    Chapel UMC  
30-Oct-19 6:30 p.m. Lost Creek at Lost Creek UMC Papers due Oct 24
29-Oct-19 6:00 p.m. Stealey-Temple (Clarksburg) at Stealey UMC Papers due Oct 23
    Highland Parish  
22-Sep-19 3:00 p.m. Highland Parish at First (Elkins) Papers due Sep 18
       Beverly; East Elkins; First (Elkins); Mill Creek All charges, papers due Sep 18
       Rowan Memorial-Cassity  
       Woodford Memorial (Barry Moll), Tyrand Coop.  
    Separate Charge Conference  
14-Oct-19 6:00 p.m.   Mingo Charge at Oak Grove UMC Papers due Oct 10
15-Oct-19 6:00 p.m.   North Elkins at Orlena Papers due Oct 10
28-Sep-19 10:00 a.m.   Otterbein (Elkins) at Otterbein UMC Papers due Sep 23
    1:00 p.m.   Israel-Coffman Chapel at Coffman Chapel Papers due Sep 23
    Upshur Parish  
27-Oct-19 6:00 p.m. Upshur Parish at First (Buckhannon) Papers due Oct 21
      Chapel Hill; Ellamore; First (Buckhannon) All charges, papers due Oct 21
      Frenchton; Hacker Valley; Heaston (Hodgesville)  
      Hodgesville Charge; Laurel Fork; Newlon;  
      North Buckhannon;  
      Tennerton-Mt. Hope  
      Volga; Wilsontown, South Buckhannon  
    Separate Charge Conference  
Sep 28-19   3:30 p.m.   French Creek at French Creek UMC Papers due Sep 23
Sep 28-19   6:00 p.m.   West Buckhannon at West Buckhannon  Papers due Sep 23
10-Nov-19 3:00 p.m. Tallmansville Blended Ministry Papers due Nov 4
    Conference at Reed Chapel; Ten Mile,  
    Queens, Mt. Olive, Mt. Carmel  
18-Nov-19 5:00-6:00 p.m. Upshur Parish House at Upshur Parish House Papers due Nov 13
    Dinner 5:00 with 6:00 p.m. conference.   

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