New Church & Community Worker appointed to serve Open Heart Ministries

Posted By Jim Minutelli on Jul 14, 2019 | 0 comments

“Hello my friends from West Virginia! As some of you may have heard through church, Facebook, or my- self, I have moved to Clarksburg, WV, to serve at Open Heart Ministries as their new Executive Director! Gayle Lesure, another CCW, retired in December of last year and they have been searching for someone to continue her work here. While she leaves some special shoes to fill, Gayle is staying around to help in my transition as the work here relies on relation- ships with partnering churches and organizations. She is a de- light to work with and full of wisdom, and I am grateful to be learning from someone who has spent so many years in the mission field.

Open Heart Ministries serves the people of Harrison County by providing emergency assistance, primarily financial help with utilities and rent with referrals to other partners when needed. With the need here increasing due to rising costs of living, drug concerns, and lack of transportation, Open Heart relies greatly on its invested partnering churches here in the community, as well as others that we refer our neighbors to for assistance.”

Rev. Anna Troy

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