WV churches offer Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits Conference, CEUs available

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Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits 4th Annual Conference

By Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 20188:30 AM — 3:30 PM


Your congregation can change the health of the community!

First, reach your church. Then, reach your community.

It’s that simple.

Nicia Freeman, star of the Netflix Original documentary, Heroin(e), is a real-estate agent on a mission. Her “brown-bag” ministry serves some of “the least of these” looking for hope in Huntington. Nicia is speaking from First Baptist Church of Kenova. Her portion of the conference will be broadcast to our other 4 locations (Martinsburg, Morgantown, Parkersburg and Princeton).

Dr. Jim Levos is a 40+ year practicing family physician from Ritchie County. He’s a devout Seventh Day-Adventist and nutrion expert. He’s preaching a message of hope … and it’s largley free advice! He’ll share about 8 “freebies” that bring health or restore health and longevity. We’re broadcasting his message as well and then Dr. Levos wil lead a breakout session in Huntington.

The breakout sessions will be facilitated by the amazing Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits Steering Committee! In each of the five cities across our beautiful state, steering committee members have pulled together the best of the best people, resources, programs, ministries and healthy living opportunities to help congregations successfully build health ministry teams.

First Baptist Church of Kenova in Kenova365 Church in MartinsburgPierpont Church of the Nazarene in MorgantownEmmanuel Baptist in Parkersburg, and First Baptist Princeton in PrincetonWest Virgina are the five host locations.

Simply register for the location nearest you! Same price! Same keynote speakers! The best relationships and partners to help you take health ministry to the next level in your community.

Here are some topics our keynoters and breakout sessions will cover:

  • How can churches begin health ministry teams? What are the essential steps? Why’s it matter? (Broadcast)
  • How can health ministries address Alzheimer’s and other mental disease? (Parkersburg)
  • What’s the benefit of starting a health ministry team around Faith community Nurses? (Morgantown).
  • How do you make the best use of the skills, gifts, and passions of those in your congregation? (Princeton).
  • Plus more to help you start your health ministry team and take the good news to your community!

The conference will help answer questions like: 

  • Do you need know where to start with the whole “health ministry” thing?

It all starts with a team!

Your congregation’s health. Your community’s health. The transformation of your culture starts with a team of people committed to seeing it happen. People working for something bigger than themselves.

  • How do you get your pastor to buy into health ministry?

Pastor, if you are reading this. You’re role is essential. We have changed the format of our conference, bringing it closer to your hometown. You can be there! 

  • Is “health ministry” a “calling”?

We believe it is!

The question is, “will you answer that call”? Will you learn how your congreation can reach West Virginia in the muck and myre of our deepest needs? HealthSubstance abuse.

They stare us in the face and laugh.

It is the service of the body of Christ to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus. There’s no more practical way to give your congregation a mission, to get the saints equipped to do the work of the ministry, to open your doors to opportunity rather than closing them for lack of attendance or loss of mission.

This conference is for you!                                                                         Now is the time to register.

Bring your health ministry team and learn how your community can partner to transform our healthy – physically and spiritually – through health ministry teams built by congregations.

Don’t have a health ministry team?

Bring your “dream team”. Learn what’s being done. Rub shoulders with folks who have built a team, those who are taking health from their homes to their congregations; from the congregations to their communities … and they’re helping re-shape the image of our great state.

Jeremiah 29:7 encouraged Israel to “seek the prosperity of the city to which I have sent you as exiles. Pray to the LORD on its behalf, for if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

We are living among the city where God has sent us … and, yes, as exiles of our home in heaven. We can pray four our city.  But building a health ministry team is the best way we can go outside the walls of our sanctuaries and seek the welfare of our city.

                                                     Let’s take on this mission together!

Blessings and see you in November,


Register here:  https://healthy-bodies-healthy-spirits.ticketleap.com/hbhs-4th-annual-conference/

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