Wesleyan District Holds Conference

Posted By Jim Minutelli on May 13, 2018 | 0 comments

The Wesleyan District held it’s annual District Conference on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church.

The two-hour event began with Worship, led by District Superintendent Rev. Mary Finegan, and culminated with Holy Communion, given by Rev. Helen Oates, the District Conference’s host church clergy.

In her sermon, Rev. Finegan called all in attendance into action to be disciples for Christ, with a challenge to “see me” and not ignoring those in need around us.

Christ UMC’s music ministry team “Battle Ready,” led by Rev. Doug Smailes and fronted by Amy Morrow and Missy Strong, with Smailes and TJ Sartin on guitars and Mike Baker on drums, opened our hearts and quickened our pulses with their music and renditions of old hymns.

Following the Eucharist, mission project directors brought us up to date on their outreach over the past year, as well as “glory sightings” and other works throughout the District.

Pastor Brian Plum recognized the works of the District Lead Team and gave those in attendance an overview of the mission of the Team.

Jim Minutelli, Wesleyan District Director of Lay Ministry, gave an update from the District Committee on Lay Ministry and then led a Service of Recognition & Approval for the Wesleyan District’s Lay Servants, honoring them in their ministries and service to those around them.

Rev. Finegan recognized the first two Certified Lay Ministers in the District, Elizabeth Ann Jarrett and Jim Minutelli, with a Celebration of Gifts for Ministry.

Rev. Steve Meadows gave the report of the District Committee on Ministry and then recognized candidates for ordained ministry; the work of local pastors; and honored clergy entering retired relationships, including Richard Justice, Calvin McCutcheon, Bill Carr, George Hamrick, and Sharon Dietze.

District Superintendent Finegan honored and remembered those clergy and spouses who had been “received into the church triumphant” and will be missed by so many of the lives they touched in each of their ministries or outreach.

Rev. Finegan then further recognized clergy and pastors moving to new appointments, thanking them for

 their service and flexibility in their calling.

Lastly, after the report from the Committee on Nominations and the call for other business from the delegates, a closing hymn and benediction by the District Superintendent, the Conference adjourned for another year.

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