2020 Multiple Church Charge Conference forms

Multi-Church Charge Conference forms:

2020 Instructions – General: 

Download (DOCX, 36KB)

2020 Attendance Logs: 

Download (XLSX, 23KB)

2020 Check List: 

Download (DOCX, 24KB)

2021 Opportunities for Ministry: 

Download (XLSX, 54KB)

2021 Fair Share – Calculation: 

Download (DOCX, 22KB)

2020-01B Charge Conference Report: 

Download (DOCX, 26KB)

2020-02 Pastors Chg Conf Report-Vital Congregation: 

Download (DOCX, 37KB)

2020-2B Administrative Council or Church Council Report: 

Download (DOCX, 25KB)

2020-03 Recommendations for Ministry: 

Download (DOCX, 22KB)


Download (PDF, 247KB)


Download (PDF, 294KB)


Download (PDF, 315KB)

2020-05B Service Schedule: 

Download (DOCX, 23KB)

2020-06A Salary Worksheet Modified 2020: 

Download (XLSX, 44KB)

2020-06B Report of Assigned Supply Support: 

Download (XLSX, 35KB)

Pastor’s Compensation Package Instructions – 2020: 

Download (DOC, 678KB)

2020-07 Accountable Reimbursement Policy: 

Download (DOCX, 31KB)

2020-08 Medical Reimbursement Policy: 

Download (DOCX, 24KB)

2020-09 Equitable Compensation: 

Download (DOC, 678KB)

2020-10A Church & Charge Nominations List: 

Download (PDF, 127KB)

Download (PDF, 122KB)

Download (XLSX, 31KB)


Download (PDF, 159KB)

Download (PDF, 134KB)

Download (XLSX, 32KB)

2020-11 Parsonage Inspection – Needs Assessment: 

Download (DOCX, 24KB)

2020-12 Annual Report of Charge Trustees: 

Download (DOCX, 24KB)

2020-13 Annual Report of Local Church Trustees: 

Download (DOCX, 37KB)

UMC Minimum Insurance requirements: 

Download (DOC, 44KB)

2020-14 Annual Report Committee on Finance: 

Download (DOCX, 26KB)

2020-15 Certificate of Election of Charge Trustees: 

Download (DOCX, 21KB)

2020-16 Certificate of Election of Trustees: 

Download (DOCX, 21KB)

2020 – Supplemental Info – Internal Accounting Controls: 

Download (DOCX, 32KB)

20200722 2020 Insurance Premium Rates: 

Download (DOC, 44KB)

2020 Supplemental Info, Retired Pastors: 

Download (DOCX, 20KB)

Extension-Ministry-Annual Report: 

Download (PDF, 330KB)

United Methodist Church Minimum Insurance Requirements page 2: 

Download (DOCX, 58KB)

Attendance Sheet: 

Download (XLSX, 23KB)


Download (PDF, 163KB)

Accountable reimbursement – proper & improper: 

Download (DOC, 72KB)