2019 Spring Lay Academy courses and descriptions

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Courses being offered:

Intro to Lay Ministry Basic Course

This course is for persons discerning a call to

proclaim the presence and power of God

through serving in their local churches. Basic

principles of proclaiming the Word of God

through worship leadership, preaching,

witnessing, teaching, and service form the

framework for the class. This class will include

leading a 5-10 minute devotion during the


This course is foundational for all courses in Lay

Servant Ministries. Participants are encouraged

to discover and employ personal spiritual gifts as

God intended and to consider the importance of

remaining rooted in consistent spiritual


Intended participants: Anybody who is serving in

any capacity in their local church or wants a better

understanding of United Methodism or as a pre-

requisite course for certification as a Lay Servant,

Lay Speaker or Lay Minister.


Advanced Preaching Course:

From Pew to Pulpit (formerly Go Preach!)

This course takes into account the needs of those

for whom preaching is not their sole or primary

occupation and begins by emphasizing what

every preacher brings to the pulpit: an idea of

what make a sermon particularly moving or

memorable to them. From there, the course

moves into how to choose an appropriate text or

sermon topic; learning how to listen to one’s

first impressions of what a text means, moving

from text to topic to the sermon itself while

keeping the listeners needs in mind, making

thorough and engaging use of stories in a

sermon, and delivering with passion and

conviction. Helpful suggestions for resources,

including Bibles, commentaries, other print

resources, and websites will also be discussed.

Intended audience: Any Lay Servant who is

discerning a call to preaching or would like to work

toward certification as a Lay Speaker.


*NEW* Conflict Resolution

Every church deals with conflict, both healthy

and unhealthy, and lay servants can be equipped

and empowered to help lead through those

times of conflict as a time of transformation.

Intended audience: Any Certified Lay Minister or

Certified Lay Servant who would like to

understand more about transformative conflict



Living as United Methodist Christians

This course will explore the special gifts of

theology, witness, and organization that The

United Methodist Church brings to the church

universal, how we got where we are today, and

how our distinctive emphases are still needed in

the 21st-century church.

Intended audience: Any Certified Lay Minister or

Certified Lay Servant.


Leading Effective Worship

This course focuses on the ministry of the lay

servant/minister who either regularly or

occasionally leads a group or congregation in


Intended audience: Any Certified Lay Minister or

Certified Lay Servant who would like to understand

more about positive transformative conflict



*NEW* Church Outreach: Website


This course will lead local church teams in how

to maintain and update website content. Upon

completion of the session, participants will leave

with a completed website – up and running –

with the team trained to make future updates.

Pre-Course work and working with the District

Communications team ahead of time will be

needed to facilitate this course.

Intended audience: This course is open to any laity

or clergy teams of two whose church has felt led to

better reach out into their community via a web

presence. Certification as a Lay Servant or Lay

Minister is NOT required, though we have been

approved to offer Advanced Lay Servant/Minister

credit for this course.


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